State Rep. Seth Grove's recent taxpayer-funded newsletter includes information about House Resolution 338, which addressed the "PA Core Academic Standards." The resolution, which passed June 18, 2013, resulted several changes to the Pennsylvania School Code to mitigate concerns over Common Core.

This highlights the lack of understanding on the part of Seth Grove, and others, of what most concerns parents about Common Core, of exactly what Pennsylvania has promised to do in its groveling for federal taxpayer money to "reform" public education, and of how this process of federal grant aid to the states completely bypasses their own legislative authority per our state Constitution.

It's much more than the common standards, by whatever name they are called. It's the lack of control over our how our children are educated, what they are taught, and how information about them will be used and by whom.

No one asked us for consent to have our children assigned a unique ID and put into a database that will track them from infancy (Pre-K) to college/career and beyond.

Sadly, concerned parents seem to know much more than our elected legislators, who were blind-sighted by this. Instead of doing their homework, they cut and pasted talking points directly from the Pennsylvania Department of Education or other politically powerful groups into responses to their constituents.


If you spend any time perusing the grant applications submitted by various state agencies in their quest for federal grant money, which I sincerely doubt Seth Grove has, you see a government that views its citizens as cohorts, data points and human capital, instead of individuals with a unique essence and passions and abilities no amount of data can ever really capture.

Common Core is a gigantic web of corporatists, phony nonprofits, and federal government agencies colluding together to force their vision of education onto the public. It uses semantic deception to lead parents and educators into believing that this new data-driven system will do anything to improve education in Pennsylvania.

Pay attention in the upcoming elections and choose candidates who understand that Common Core takes education "reform" in the completely wrong direction.


East Hopewell Twp.