Your recent editorial "What's Under CAP?" incorrectly and inappropriately characterized our organization as having "the need to hide its support of other Republican candidates in York County and around the state."

We are not hiding anything. Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) has not finalized the list of candidates we are endorsing for the spring primaries.

Candidates who are seeking our support are welcome to discuss that fact with the media. However, it would be inappropriate for our organization to violate their confidence by disclosing that information.

Although the author(s) of the editorial sneer at CAP's discretion, the fact remains that conservative candidates face considerable hurdles. One hurdle is "establishment" Republicans, but the bigger hurdle is Big Government special interest groups. Foremost among those groups are organized labor in Pennsylvania. During the 2012 election cycle government and private sector unions outspent CAP 10 to one.

We will announce our slate of endorsed primary candidates a week to 10 days out from the primary. Voters in some districts will see mailers or see or hear media advertisements prior to the official announcement, leaving them little doubt who we are supporting (or opposing) in a specific election. This timetable provides ample time for voters to evaluate the candidates we choose to support.


While our schedule and discretion may inconvenience certain members of the press, it by no stretch of the imagination amounts to hiding.


Executive director

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania