The Lancaster County Coroner has determined that the body found at Holtwood Dam Monday was that of Cody Wilkenson of Hellam Township.

"The positive identification was made through dental records," said Lancaster County Coroner Dr. Stephen Diamantoni.

An autopsy conducted Tuesday morning determined the victim drowned accidentally, Diamantoni said earlier.

The body could have been in the Susquehanna River anywhere from a few days to weeks, he said.

"The rate of decomposition certainly slowed, being in very cold water," the coroner said.

Wilkenson and his Chester County girlfriend, Elizabeth Dorsaneo, 55, of Thorndale, were last seen in his boat about 5:40 p.m. March 20 in the Lake Clarke area of the Susquehanna River, police said.

Boat found: Wilkenson's 15-foot fiberglass boat was found half sunk by a boater on March 22.

The same boater told police he saw the boat again March 23 and towed it to a sandbar south of Green Island so it didn't completely sink and become a hazard, Hellam Township Police Chief Mark Sowers confirmed. The boater said he called the state Fish and Boat Commission that weekend but didn't get an answer.

The ignition was in the "on" position and the boat was in reverse gear when police recovered it, Sowers said.

Nothing on the boat suggested Wilkenson or Dorsaneo were victims of foul play, and investigators suspect they drowned after falling into, or being thrown into, the water, the chief has said.


Cold water: At the time the couple went missing, the water temperature of the river was about 40 degrees, meaning without proper gear a person would begin to suffer symptoms of hypothermia within minutes - and those symptoms likely would have rendered them unable to climb back into the boat, Sowers said.

Wilkenson's boat was in poor repair, with pieces missing, police have said. His vehicle and attached boat trailer were found by police at Lock 2 on Lake Clarke, police have said.

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