Seniors at William Penn Senior High School will receive their diplomas Friday, June 6 — thanks to a compromise the class reached with district administrators.

A relentlessly snowy winter closed school buildings multiple times across York County this year.

For the York City School District, snow canceled classes eight days.

Despite some flexibility built in to the district's academic calendar, administrators had planned to make up some of those days by extending the calendar further into June.

For seniors, that meant graduation would be bumped from June 6 to June 10, Superintendent Eric Holmes said.

And that would interfere with the all-important Senior Week, a longtime tradition for teenagers to celebrate their recent graduation at the beach.

"They were concerned. They were upset," Holmes said.

So, the administration took a second look at the calendar.

The numbers: The district started the academic year with 184 planned school days. The district built two snow make-up days into its calendar, Holmes said.

But the state requires a minimum of 180 days for students, leaving the district with a two-day deficit.

Their solution is to schedule two Saturdays for seniors on May 10 and May 31. On those days, seniors will practice for graduation, Holmes said.

The state allows districts to schedule Saturday graduation practices and count them as school days for seniors, he said.

Holmes said he will withdraw his support of the compromise if too many students skip the Saturday practices.


"It really is up to the seniors," he said.

On Wednesday, the district's school board approved the plan.

Graduation is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Friday, June 6. A location has not yet been finalized.

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