This letter is in response to the article in your April 10 morning edition that quoted a New Hope Academy parent saying, "I'm not going to put my children back in the war zone that I just took them out of."

How does inflammatory rhetoric like that do anything but exacerbate the situation?

I am the athletic director for the York City School District and have worked here for 45 years. I can tell you it isn't anything like that at York High, and to suggest it is irresponsible.

Do we have problems? Yes, but no more than any other large high school. The people who make these accusations have not spent a day or even an hour in the hallways or classrooms at William Penn. Teachers are teaching and students are learning. We are slowly returning programs that have been cut and constantly monitoring the school to keep it a quiet and save place to obtain an education.

There is enough dislike, hatred and animosity being spewed by many people, and to add fuel to the fire makes absolutely no sense.

The inevitable is going to happen next school year, and everyone should be working to alleviate the tension and make the transition for those who choose to return smooth and uneventful. We are talking about young, impressionable students who need all the guidance and support we can give them instead of filling their minds with anger and hate.

Calling York High a "war zone" shows a complete lack of understanding of what goes on here, and printing it as a headline is irresponsible with no purpose except to fan the flames of discontent.


Athletic director


York High