The following sentence is a clue, transcribed into newspaper ink, from a teenager's handwritten note.

"When you are finally on the 'Market' again, you should write your resolutions down with a Penn!"

York City residents can probably guess the location this clue suggests.

But, to know for sure, you'll have to sign up for the Acts in Motion Adventure Race — an annual event that seeks to put the "fun" in fundraising.

A group of 60 students, most of whom attend the Christian School of York, has been planning the race for months.

To participate, all you need to do is raise at least $25 for charity and wear a decent pair of shoes.

Participants can choose among three routes — the walking route, the running route or the biking route.

Runners and bikers will, obviously, cover more ground. But each route will take about two hours to complete.

Registration is open now for the Saturday, April 26, event. That morning, participants will race around York City, completing challenges and overcoming obstacles along the way.

The challenges: "In most of the challenges, there's a message," said Jordan Brandt, one of the organizers.

For example, she said, last year's racers were challenged to eat a piece of cow's tongue — the cut of meat a poor person might be forced to buy.

"That's what the butcher can't sell," Brandt said. "It showed you that this is how other people survive."

The idea for the event was born on a hot summer day several years ago, when Madeline Taylor and some friends tried to fix their boredom by volunteering at a local homeless shelter.

They were told they were too young. So they tried to open a lemonade stand — but were told they'd need to pay for a permit.

Out of frustration grew bigger ideas.

The cause: In its first year, the adventure race raised $35,000 distributed among 12 charities.

"We're hoping to raise a lot more this year," Taylor said.

This year, participants can again choose among 12 charities to help — including the York County SPCA, the York Rescue Mission, Olivia's House, the York County Food Bank and the Salvation Army.

Organizers learned a lot last year and used that knowledge to improve this year's event, said Bryce Simmons, another organizer.

"This year we have way better challenges," he said.

To register and for more information about the race, visit

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