Smokers, do us all a favor and resist the urge to toss your cigarette butts out the car window Wednesday.

The National Weather Service has issued a "fire weather watch" for York County and much of the region for Wednesday morning through the evening.

Conditions are right - or wrong, depending on how you look at it - for "explosive fire growth," said Greg DeVoir, a meteorologist.

Wednesday will be windy with low humidity. And there's still lots of dry leaf litter on the ground, DeVoir said.

"It's a good day to say, 'Hey, don't burn things,'" he said.

Before the Internet, the weather service issued such watches specifically to government agencies that might be tasked with battling fires, DeVoir said.

Nowadays, word gets out to everyone.

While the ground may still be saturated from a snowy winter and a rainy Tuesday, it's not the ground that's at risk of burning.

This is the time of year - between winter and the full green of summer - when dead organic matter is especially susceptible to fueling a fire, DeVoir said.

Wildfires are already burning in parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, he said.

Often, such fires are caused by discarded, burning cigarettes, he said.

"They don't start by themselves," DeVoir said. "They're man-made fires that happen here."

Controlled burns are also a bad idea Wednesday, DeVoir said.

"The chances are pretty good that it's going to get away from them and cause a much bigger fire," he said. "Delay doing that for a couple days.



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