The band booster club will continue to be covered under the Dover Area School District's insurance.

The Dover Area School Board voted 4-3 Tuesday not to desanction the club from its school-affiliated policy, which includes coverage under the district's insurance.

Voting against the desanction measure were board president Terry Emig, Stephen Cook, Charles DeLauter and Dan Sindlinger.

Julie Ann Emig, Kristen Ventre and Charles Rauhauser all voted to remove the band boosters from the insurance policy as of July 1.

Board members Kelly Mefford and Christy Rehm were absent.

Insurance: The district needs to let its insurance company know in April which school-affiliated organizations are included in the policy, which could affect the premium amount.

Tuesday's vote is a culmination of the board's ongoing efforts — for at least two years — to get all booster clubs to submit reports that show their financial operations and proof of their nonprofit status with the IRS and the state's Bureau of Charitable Organizations.

District officials said several clubs, including the aquatics club and the athletics boosters, submitted the appropriate paperwork, but the band boosters did not.

The clubs were asked to submit proof of compliance or proof of why they are not required to follow certain guidelines within the district policy, IRS code and state law.

The board had decided in October to require that the records be turned over in November.


The final deadline for the band boosters to submit their report was April 7.

During Tuesday's meeting, district business manager Belinda Wallen said the band booster club has yet to fully comply with the district's requests for the appropriate paperwork.

Discussion: Before the vote, DeLauter asked why the board was in such a rush to vote on desanctioning.

He also said the district is being unfair in targeting the club. He said band booster officials are cooperating with the district, and the club is making improvements to better comply with its own policies.

The club also is undergoing an audit to determine whether it needs a nonprofit status, DeLauter said.

"I'm part of band boosters and I'm proud of that," he said. "I don't want to see individuals put their heart and soul into supporting the district and then be repeatedly (thrown) under the bus."

When Ventre suggested that DeLauter might want to recuse himself from the vote because he was "too close" to the issue, DeLauter said he is able to be objective and vote as a board member.

Ventre and Rauhauser both said the issue has gone on long enough and action was needed to compel the band boosters to honor the district's request.

"The district didn't know there was $500,000 going through the band boosters," Ventre said. "I just don't want the school district to be liable for things we were not aware of, especially if (the club) doesn't have record-keeping (documents) for the district to review."

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