On Thursday, April 24, 2013, Thomas Augustyniak went missing from his home in Glen Rock. An extensive search was conducted in the following days and weeks, but Mr. Augustyniak was not found.

Many agencies, friends, neighbors and other volunteers spent many hours trying to locate him, to no avail.

The past year has been very difficult for the Augustyniak family, especially for his wife Cheryl as she tried to figure out what had become of her husband and how to proceed with her life.

On March 22, 2014, Mr. Augustyniak's body was found in the woods at Prettyboy Reservoir in Maryland, putting an end to the search.

With final closure to the case comes the reality of the situation and the focus on where the family goes from here.

In trying to move on, the family has reflected back on the past year and wishes to express their most sincere thanks to all the people who had helped with the search for Tom, and those who gave their time and resources to help the family through a most difficult time.

There were so many people who came forward, it was impossible to remember all their names, but thank you to everyone.


Southern Regional Police Department