I just read the article about the group of people of York City wanting to keep chickens in their yards.

Well, that could be the worst thing this city could do. I lived on South Queen Street in York City 24 years ago, and one of my neighbors who lived two houses away had chickens (and a rooster) in their yard back then. Whether it was allowed, I have no clue.

The rooster crowed all the time, and the chickens were noisy. And, as you know, it gets very hot and humid in York in the summer, and not everyone has air conditioning. Well, the stench from the chickens was so bad, and it drifted from their yard into mine and into my kitchen windows. The smell was so strong it made you want to throw up.

And as far as teaching their kids responsibility, give them chores or get a bird or a fish. Chickens are not pets that can be held and cuddled, so they would lose interest, as all kids do.

Have you looked into the back yards of most of the houses in York City? Neither the parents nor the kids keep their yards cleaned up, so do you really think they'll keep the chicken coups clean?