They taped off a 10x10 space and built a model to scale.

The members at CoWork155 had to know if all their marketing materials would fit in their booth this week at the International Business and Workforce Expo.

"We had to get rid of a table," said J.J. Sheffer, site manager at CoWork155.

CoWork155 opened in York City nearly a year ago and serves as an independent workspace for people who would otherwise work from home.

It has grown to about 20 members who include restaurant owners, photographers, an app developer, a hospice organization, event planners and engineers.

"The expo will be a nice, succinct way of getting in front of a lot of professionals to say, 'This is what we do,'" Sheffer said.

The event kicks off 4:30 p.m. Tuesday with Networking Night at the Expo and runs 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday at Utz Arena.

Admission is free for people who register online before 5 p.m. Monday. To register, visit

Otherwise tickets at the door will be $50 on Tuesday and $20 on Wednesday.

More than 3,000 visitors and 140 exhibitors are expected at this year's expo, according to Darrell Auterson, CEO of the YCEA.

"The expo has always been a great business-to-business opportunity and is also a great business-to-consumer opportunity," he said.

It's often a starting point for businesses to work together, and it's also a chance for businesses to showcase their work for other consumers, Auterson said.


"We're trying to re-energize the small business base in York County. We want to draw attention to small businesses and give them more exposure," he said.

This year's expo will also be an opportunity for local artists.

At Tuesday's event, guests will be able to vote for their favorite art exhibit displayed in Utz Arena.

The exhibits will feature the work of local artists and support the mission of Creativity Unleashed, a movement that promotes York as America's industrial art and design capital.

"The Creativity Unleashed effort is gaining momentum. What a better place than the expo to showcase all the great creativity we have here in York County," Auterson said.

The event will also serve as a makeshift job fair for about 800 students who will meet the exhibitors.

"It's a chance for our local students to learn what our companies do and what their needs are. And maybe someday they'll have a business at the expo," he said.

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