As a lifelong resident of Southern York County School District, I and many taxpayers are tired of the high salaries the administrators are receiving. We have voted in board members who don't seem to care about our out-of-control spending on their wages.

Our retiring superintendent has a salary around $200,000. His salary was more than $178,000 in 2012, according to published reports. He was the highest paid in York County school districts. Our new superintendent has a starting salary of $160,000.

Isn't it time the school board be more responsible?

You can always be replaced if you don't like your wages. Whenever there is a new budget increase, they want to tell us about the bad economy. Do you think they know what a bad economy is with their wages?

Does anybody really have control over the administrators? The elected school board members sure don't have it. The taxpayers look at this as if the board members are afraid to stand up to them. Is this the self-serving Southern Way?

Second, there was a problem, which I spoke to a board member about. He told me we should keep this to ourselves. The second time I spoke to him, I was asked if I was telling the truth about it. I am sure he talked to the administrators about it and one of them didn't have all the correct facts. It was much easier to throw me under the bus. I know what the correct story was; I have a very good memory, and I do know right from wrong. They had to protect their own. A small fry like me doesn't have a chance over the powerful administrators.


You should take a long hard look in the mirror.


Codorus Twp.