Jermari Murphy is worried about his little brother.

The 15-year-old eighth grader at New Hope Academy Charter School thrives in smaller classrooms with teachers who can offer him one-on-one help, said Murphy, a New Hope senior who will attend Shippensburg University after graduation.

Murphy said he's sad and disappointed his little brother won't follow in his footsteps across the New Hope graduation stage.

"I feel like a huge asset in New Hope is being taken away from him," Murphy said.

No appeal: Earlier this month, Commonwealth Court affirmed a state Charter School Appeal Board decision that upheld the York City School District's decision not to renew New Hope's charter.

After years of legal briefs and court hearings, New Hope officials had one legal avenue left — an appeal to the state Supreme Court, which could have refused to hear the case.

New Hope's board of trustees has decided not to appeal, board of trustees spokeswoman Deb Stock said.

"We just decided that we gave it our best, and that we are going to go ahead and just follow through with the dissolution," Stock said.

That means New Hope will close after the academic year ends on June 10.

Stock said the board will meet to finalize their decision and work out the details, but a meeting date has not yet been set.

Murphy said he'd hoped the board would decide to appeal.


"I'd like to see everything fought to the bitter end," he said.

Murphy said he'd rather see his mother move the family out of York City than send his little brother to district schools.

New schools: The parents of hundreds of New Hope students need to find new schools for their children by the time the academic year resumes in the fall.

Options include private schools, cyber schools, other charter schools, homeschooling and the district.

Of New Hope's 704-student enrollment, the vast majority — 662 — live in York City.

District superintendent Eric Holmes said he expects some former New Hope students to enroll in the district, but "we don't know what that number will be."

To help parents make decisions, the district will host two upcoming meetings — 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 8 at Hannah Penn, 415 E. Boundary Ave., and 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 29 at William Penn Senior High School, 101 W. College Ave.

"We expect to continue our discussions with the New Hope administration about making sure that their transition process is as smooth as it can be for our children," Holmes said.

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