An off-duty Baltimore City police officer who lives in York Township fired his gun 14 times at a man he claims had threatened him, and who had driven to the officer's York Township neighborhood, according to charging documents.

John Elliot Torres, 33, of 333 Brentwood Drive, Apt. F, remains in York County Prison on $750,000 bail, charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault.

He was in uniform but off duty at the time of the shooting, which happened outside his apartment complex about 12:25 p.m. Tuesday, police said.

Hired as a Baltimore officer in 2002, Torres is now suspended without pay, according to a department spokesman.

Shot six times: The man he shot, David Hohman Sr., 34, of Baltimore, suffered six gunshot wounds to his chest, abdomen and arm and was taken to York Hospital by ambulance for treatment, police said.

York Area Regional Police Sgt. Jeff Dunbar said Hohman is expected to survive. His hospital condition could not be obtained Wednesday.

Dunbar confirmed Hohman did not have a weapon with him.

Charging documents filed by York Area Regional Police allege Hohman was angry at Torres and believed the officer was involved in a relationship with his wife.

Torres told investigators Hohman had recently been "involuntarily hospitalized" for threatening to kill his wife and himself with his shotgun, and that Baltimore County Police had taken Hohman's shotgun as a result, but said he was told the shotgun had recently been returned to him, documents state.

How they met: Torres said he met Hohman while working an off-duty security job at a Maryland grocery store and subsequently became friends with the man's wife.

According to Torres, he and Ashley Hohman sent each other text messages sometimes, and said David Hohman became angry when he learned about those messages, documents state.

Torres said he spoke with David Hohman and agreed to stay away from the man's wife, but that she continued to send him texts, documents state.

According to Torres, that's when David Hohman was involuntarily committed for allegedly threatening to kill her and himself, police said.

Alleged threat: Charging documents state that Torres told police he received text messages from David Hohman on Tuesday morning asking how Torres "would like it" if he told Baltimore City Police and Torres' wife about Torres' relationship with Ashley Hohman, and stating he was not someone "to f— with."

Torres said he then received a call from a mutual friend, warning him that David Hohman had driven to York and was outside Torres' apartment, documents state.

The officer told police he checked outside, but saw nothing, and left for work a short time later, police said.

Returned home: Torres maintains he forgot his contact lenses and returned home and retrieved them, which is when he says David Hohman drove up to his vehicle at a high rate of speed, documents state.

Documents state Torres told police he was afraid the man had his shotgun and was going to shoot him, so he pulled his Glock handgun and fired until he emptied the gun, which holds 14 rounds.

Torres also told police David Hohman did not get out of his car or open his car door, police said.

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