This is in regards to the fixing of Pennsylvania's roads and bridges.

Question: Where has all the money gone to pay for the upkeep of Pennsylvania's roads and bridges? We supposedly have a "trust fund" that our Pennsylvania gas taxes are supposed to go to to pay for fixing these problems. Where has the money gone?

Nobody seems to want to fully report on this issue. Some say that the bulk of it always goes to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Is that true? If so, why? Is there political pressure brought to bear by blocks of legislators to get more than they deserve? Is so, why does the Legislature let this happen?

Is the "Highway Trust Fund" for Pennsylvania like the supposed lock box for Social Security ... in that it's nonexistent? If this is the case, why?

Is it true that the state Department of Transportation has never been audited? If so, why not?

It seems that Pennsylvania motorists are getting the shaft when it comes to this problem. We now have one of the largest cost per gallon of automotive fuel in the country. If that's so, why?

What's happening to the money that's been collected so far from this latest gas tax increase? How much has been collected? What projects are being planned for this money once it is collected?

I don't want to throw brickbats regarding the reporting on this story; however, where has the reporting been? What paper/news organization is going to say, "This is one of the, or the most, important story in Pennsylvania, and we're going to get to the bottom of it"? If it sullies both political parties, politicians or government officials, so be it.


After all, don't the citizens — and yes, you and me — deserve the truth about this?


West Manchester Twp.