Your recent editorial regarding state Sen. Scott Wagner's first order of business of having portraits of convicted felons in the state Capitol removed "missed the big picture."

Your suggestion that Sen. Wagner should have sponsored legislation for property tax reform, shrinking the size of the legislature and legalizing medical marijuana are all issues that are on his agenda. These items, as we all know, will not happen overnight.

You should know by now that Scott is not the type of person who is going to propose something simply because there is an election coming up. Many of our elected officials propose legislation "for show" and to increase their chances of getting reelected knowing full well that there are not enough votes to even get it out of committee.

There have been six session days since Sen. Wagner has been in office and less than 30 days for him to build relationships with his Senate colleagues. The phrase "Align your expectations with reality" came to mind when reading your editorial.

If we cannot get Harrisburg to take down pictures of convicted felons, which is an easy thing, how can you expect pension reform, property tax reform and other important issues to happen overnight?

I know for a fact that Sen. Wagner is working on these key issues; however, I doubt we'll see a press release issued from his Senate office touting every inch he gains on these important issues.