The Central York school board at its Monday meeting approved a list of building improvements scheduled to happen in the 2014-15 school year.

The list shows improvements of about $700,000 spread over the district's eight buildings, with an additional $436,000 in energy upgrades at two of the elementary school buildings.

The largest project would be a roof replacement at Central York Middle School at an estimated cost of $354,637. Other projects include technology upgrades, each costing between $12,000 and $22,000 in the educational service center and the Roundtown, Hayshire and Stony Brook elementary schools.

The energy upgrades will include heating and air conditioning changes at the Roundtown and North Hills elementary schools. A building automation system will be installed in each building by NRG Controls at an estimated cost of $178,650 at Roundtown and $257,325 at North Hills.

Board member Eric Wolfgang said some of the technology upgrades could possibly be covered by existing funds set aside for technology, so the capital reserve funds could go toward the energy upgrades.

"I'd be in favor of spending the money (for the energy upgrades), but I'd be looking for ways to mitigate the cost in any way possible," Wolfgang said at a meeting earlier this month.

Energy savings: The energy upgrades are modeled after similar changes made at Sinking Springs several years ago, said business manager Brent Kessler.


The upgrades were a larger investment at that time - about $500,000 just for that school - and the system paid itself off in energy savings within four years, he said.

The energy upgrades in the two elementary schools are expected to pay for themselves within six or seven years, Kessler said.

Other capital improvement projects include the redesign of front office spaces at the middle school and the Sinking Springs and Roundtown elementary schools, ventilation equipment replacements at the middle school and practice field upgrades at the high school.

The capital improvements list passed with a 7-1 vote. Board member Michael Snyder said he couldn't support the list because he believed the district should think about resting the athletic fields instead of upgrading the practice soccer and football fields at an estimated cost of $25,000. Snyder said the board should also make sure the wear and tear on the fields was just from Central students, and not outside groups.

The $700,000 will be funded by a transfer from the general fund balance to the capital reserve budget, a change noted in the proposed final budget for next year.

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