Update: The road has been reopened, according to transmissions on the 911 scanner.

Original story: A sinkhole formed Saturday afternoon in the pavement at the intersection of Susquehanna Trail and Copenhaffer Road in Conewago Township, causing the crews to close the block of Susquehanna Trail between Copenhaffer and Canal Roads.

The hole in the road measured about 8 inches in diameter and seemed to be growing, said Strinestown Community Fire Co. fire police Lt. Robin Gross. She said there was an approximately three-foot-by-three-foot void under the road where the ground had fallen away from the pavement; the hole opened up in the pavement over it as the road caved into the void.

(Sean Philip Cotter/The York Dispatch)

Township workers brought a backhoe to the scene just after 3 p.m. and began to dig up the road around the hole. Authorities said they wouldn't know how long the work would take until they had opened up the road and got a better view of the ground below it.

Gross said her husband, the fire police captain, found the hole when he came to the intersection to direct traffic away from an unrelated accident that occurred just after 1:30 p.m. one block south at the intersection of Susquehanna and Canal Street.

She said they put a cone over the hole, but removed it when the hole's growth threatened to swallow the cone.