White Rose Bar and Grill has changed its expansion plans in York City, sparing a historic property supposedly built by a Revolutionary War soldier.

The business at 48 N. Beaver St. previously submitted plans to the city to demolish 114 W. Philadelphia St. to make way for an event space at the restaurant.

Both White Rose and the historic building are owned by Tom Sibol, and his proposal was denied by the Historical Architectural Review Board.

At Wednesday's board meeting, Sibol's architect, Joseph Mula, submitted new plans that will add a second floor to White Rose.

"It's the same project, just not at 114 W. Philadelphia," said general manager Jeremiah Anderson.

The expansion is needed to accommodate customers who frequently ask to host private events for more than 100 people at the restaurant, he said.

"We've had to turn down that business because we haven't had enough space, and we hate to do that," Anderson said.

White Rose is moving forward with the expansion, but community concerns have inspired the new plans, he said.

Some renovations will be necessary to blend the existing facade to the addition, which will be more expensive than the original plan, Mula said.

The cost of the project was not disclosed.

Builders will have to work delicately around the existing building, he said.

The new plan was met with support from HARB members, many of whom have backgrounds in architecture and historic preservation.

Plans will now be submitted to the city council.

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