The thermometer this weekend could reach 80. Guess we can finally stop knocking on wood whenever we say it's finally warm?

Saturday will hit a high of 77, the National Weather Service predicts. The day has an 80 percent chance of rain, though, with the possibility of a thunderstorm after 2 p.m. And it may be a strong one &mdash the NWS issued a hazardous weather outlook for central Pa., saying conditions are right for strong, if very scattered, thunderstorms. Wind gusts could reach 50 or 60 mph in one of these brief "microbursts," and may reach around 20 mph during the rest of the day, the NWS says.

The possibility of thunderstorms drops as day turns to night, the NWS says, with more tame scattered showers moving through after 11 p.m. The wind will die down. The low for the night is 56, the NWS says.

The sun will shine — and shine hard — on Sunday, as the mercury could get all the way up to 80. The nighttime low is 59, the NWS says.

York County gets even toastier Monday and Tuesday, with a highs of 84 and 85 respectively. Both days have a slight chance of thunderstorms. Actually, the NWS says every weekday in this upcoming week has "a chance of showers and thunderstorms," except Wednesday, when "showers and thunderstorms are likely." So choose a different week to go up on the roof and fix the satellite dish, we suppose.