North York borough council members were urged Tuesday to consider reducing the size of the council.

Vice President Rick Shank asked fellow members at the end of the council meeting to think about dropping two seats, downsizing the council from seven members to five.

He asked them to share their thoughts at the next council meeting on June 10.

"I really think we could do this with a council of five," he said.

Shank said the small population of the borough is something to consider, as well.

According to U.S. Census data from 2010, North York has a population of just over 1,900.

"For a small community like us ... I think we could do it with a five-man council," Shank said.

In fact, the council held the meeting with just five council members Tuesday because councilwomen Sandra Hinkle and Natalie Williams were not in attendance.

The law: In order for a borough to reduce the size of its council, the residents must also be on board.

According to the state's Borough Code, 5 percent of residents eligible to vote must sign a petition requesting that the York County Court of Common Pleas make the reduction.

A borough with a population the size of North York's can reduce its council to as little as three members, the code states.

North York isn't the first borough to look into downsizing the number of its elected officials.


In March, President Judge Stephen P. Linebaugh granted a request by Windsor to decrease its borough council from seven members to five.

That move was made after it became increasingly challenging to get residents to run for open council seats.

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