The Community Education Council for the York City School District is planning to meet with potential charter school providers for the 2015-16 academic year.

About 10 outside providers have expressed interest in running a charter school within the district, said David Meckley, the district's state-appointed chief recovery officer during the council's meeting Wednesday.

The council is arranging to hold the meeting later this week, with plans to speak with potential provider representatives in person and by conference call, Meckley said.

The council has three options to consider. The district could continue with no charter school or hire a provider that would operate charter schools at several buildings or at all the buildings, Meckley said.

He said it's up to the district's school board to pursue proposals from charter providers. He said he expects no decisions before June.

The district could sign an agreement for the 2015-16 school year with a charter provider as early as October, he said.

The council is working on a recovery plan that aims to return the district to financial solvency through improved academic achievement and security.

Survey: The Community Education Council also heard some details from a comprehensive survey designed to gather opinions about the district's security, leadership, facilities, learning environment, respect for diversity and more.

The survey, conducted from February to April by the Center for Social and Emotional Education, was completed by students, staff and parents of each of the district's seven buildings, said Eric Holmes, the district's superintendents.

Overall, more than 75 percent of students in six of the buildings took the survey, while participation at William Penn Senior High School was below 70 percent, he said.

Holmes said that while he is still reviewing survey results that came in on Friday and on late Monday, he has seen some positive information. For example, Ferguson K-8 students showed that receiving social support from adults is very important to them, and they're pleased with how adults work with them at the school, Holmes said.

Survey results will be posted on the district's website soon. Also, school principals will reveal the results to staff, parents and students, Holmes said.

Survey results will be used to help determine and resolve the unique needs at each building and to show what programs are working well for students and staff, he said.

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