Motorists who travel South Richland Avenue through Spring Garden Township beware: Police are cracking down on aggressive drivers.

Funding from the state Department of Transportation will allow police to target aggressive drivers on a portion of South Richland Avenue in the township.

The grant covers overtime costs, thereby providing for additional patrols on the heavily traveled stretch of road, said Police Chief George Swartz.

"We're very happy that the grant was approved," he said.

The department selected the road because drivers on it are known to travel at high speeds and exhibit other aggressive driving behavior.

Though the posted speed limit is 35 mph, drivers often go beyond that, Swartz said.

Efforts: Police say the efforts should help reduce the number of crashes on the road.

Swartz said there have been two fatal crashes in recent years.

A 2009 crash killed a 91-year-old Dover Township man when he pulled out of the Prince Athletic Association parking lot and into the path of a Honda Accord on South Richland Avenue. Speed was a factor, and Noelle R. McHale, the driver of the Honda, pleaded guilty to speeding and careless driving.

Most recently, an 81-year-old man was killed in 2011 when he pulled his car from the same parking lot and onto the road, where it was struck by another car.

"It's a roadway that we've identified as a location for speeding," Swartz said.


The enforcement will also send a message to aggressive drivers that they will be caught and cited, police said.

Some moving violations officers will be on the lookout for include speeding, tailgating, failure to use turn signals and running red lights, the release says.

The enforcement runs through the end of September.

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