The Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center is now more than a neighbor to Marketview Arts.

Strand-Capitol and the York County Industrial Development Authority on Thursday announced a partnership in which the Strand will manage Marketview Arts.

The IDA continues to own the $2.9 million gallery at 37 W. Philadelphia St. in the city, but it's handed off duties that go beyond what the authority can handle.

"We're good at a lot of things, but we're not art experts," said Jack Kay, chairman of the authority's board of directors.

In its new role, the Strand will coordinate and promote events at Marketview Arts and identify problems or opportunities at the gallery, said Ken Wesler, CEO of the Strand, 50 N. George St.

Several organizations host activities at Marketview Arts: York College, Pennsylvania Arts Experience, Mosaics by Moxie and more.

"It's very difficult for them to be across town and coordinate the activities of everybody. We can do that and increase the profile of the building," Wesler said.

The Strand will use existing resources to increase visibility and foot traffic at the building. Marketview Arts events will now be included on the Strand's website, and in email blasts and programs for shows.

"Ideally, we'll help people who come to the Strand go see something else awesome across the street," Wesler said.

Strand executives will be asking the venue's nearly 200 volunteers if they'd like to be trained as docents and also work as tour guides at Marketview Arts.


"That will allow us to give more hours for the public," he said. "This all fits in with our mission, which is about shows, education and community service."

Given the growth at the Strand, it was clear that organization and Wesler were the right partners, Kay said.

Since 2010, the Strand's membership, corporate sponsorship and sales have increased.

The organization reached a $3 million fundraising goal, and debt, ticket prices and production costs decreased, Wesler reported in October.

"When you see what Ken (Wesler) has been able to do there, you know we're partnering with a quality organization. It raises the building's profile, our profile, and we're creating a real cultural district downtown," Kay said.

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