There is still time to volunteer for the United Way of York County's Day of Action event.

The 13th annual Day of Action is Friday, June 20. The volunteer sign-up deadline is Friday, June 6, said Nicole Shaffer, the United Way's director of marketing and communications.

Projects: The event is for people willing to donate their time and energy to help more than 30 local nonprofit organizations with projects that include cleaning, gardening, organizing, landscaping, painting and car washing.

Organizations include local YMCA, American Red Cross, York County Parks and Recreation, Jewish Community Center, the Salvation Army and senior facilities.

Many of the organizations have multiple projects they want to get done, Shaffer said.

Close to 370 people have registered to do projects. There are a total 420 project spots. Thus, the United Way needs about 50 more volunteers to cover all the projects, said Nicole Shaffer, the organization's spokeswoman.

The Day of Action event normally is done during a typical work day, with various projects starting 8 or 9 a.m.

Collections: For people who want to volunteer but can't get off work, the United Way will conduct a Day of Action collection of school supplies and children's books for the organization's education projects to benefit students and to local early learning centers.

The United Way also will collect alarm clocks for the York County Truancy Prevention Initiative designed to help students wake up on time to get to class.


Family First Health needs businesses or individuals to run a collection drive of diapers, formula and other baby items for its Nurse Family Partnership program.

The York Day Nursery will receive donations of baby and child care items.

Contribute: Whether people get time off from their jobs to volunteer or do collection drives at work, the Day of Action gives people opportunity to contribute to their communities, Shaffer said.

"Hopefully, Day of Action will spark something in someone who didn't realize how they could give back," she said. "We hope they find that they do have a passion for the organizations they've helped on the Day of Action and will continue to volunteer on their own time."

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