Police in Newberry Township are looking for a man who they say did a "smash and grab" burglary at a gas station in the township, made off with thousands of dollars worth of cigarettes and fled in a van with an image of a panda on its side late last month.

David Roy Guisewhite, is also believed to be behind numerous other similar burglaries in York County and Maryland, police announced on Wednesday.

During the Newberry Township burglary, police allege Guisewhite used a rock to smash the glass in the front door of the Sunoco gas station at 2200 Old Trail Road on May 24. Once inside, he stole more than $3,900 worth of cigarettes, police said.

Guisewhite fled in a GMC U-Haul van that had an image of a panda, part of the moving company's "Venture Across America" series, on its side.

A very similar burglary involving a van with the same description happened at the Dillsburg Tobacco Outlet, 1 U.S. Route 15 South, on May 27, Carroll Township Police had said.

Newberry Township Police nearly caught Guisewhite on Tuesday when an officer stopped the panda-clad U-Haul about 9:30 p.m., police said.

Guisewhite, who previously lived in New York state, fled on foot and was last in the area of Old Trail and Yocumtown roads, police said.

Police said they believe Guisewhite may still be in the area and he should be considered dangerous.

As officers continue their search, they have obtained a warrant for Guisewhite's arrest on charges that include burglary and receiving stolen property, police said.


Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Guisewhite is asked to contract police through 911.

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