In the United States we are guaranteed to right to express ourselves, no matter how repugnant our message, by the First Amendment.

As a union member, and educated professional, and a progressive citizen of the United States, I find state Sen. Scott Wagner's red baiting statements on organized labor extremely offensive and historically inaccurate.

He should have the right to be offensive but he does not have the right to spout "facts" without any basis in reality — i.e., you cannot make up your own facts.

History tells us quite plainly that organized labor is responsible in large part for the creation of the middle class in the U.S.

Labor unions were created for one reason and that is to create fairness and safety in the workplace.

To suggest otherwise is frankly a lie, and I hope that Wagner's union member constituents never let him forget this lie.

Union members are moms and dads trying to survive like anyone in an unfair economy.

They are not the greedy, power-hungry folks such as the Koch brothers that people such as Wagner bow down to in hopes of getting another campaign contribution.

The only deception going on in Pennsylvania is the big lie that Wagner and the Kochs are trying to push down the throats of honest, working-class people.

Wagner's speech and his actions are disgraceful and an affront to the office of state senator.

I can only hope that working-class families continue to work hard to support their families and our nation and work to defeat Wagner and his carpet bagging benefactors.



Member, Industrial Workers of the World

Retiree member, AFSCME