The North York Borough Council formally hired its new manager Tuesday, roughly a year after it fired its former one.

Samuel Spagnola will head the borough on a part-time basis and comes with experience in local government, Richard Shank, council vice president, said after the meeting.

"He was a council member before," Shank said. "He knows the ins and outs of council."

Spagnola, along with two of his brothers, previously served on the Spring Grove council, some of the youngest to hold council seats in the borough.

Spagnola, 23, said he still lives in Spring Grove.

Council voted unanimously to appoint him to the position.

Pay: Spagnola will be paid $16.50 an hour and is slated to work 24 hours a week, Shank said, adding the number of hours could fluctuate depending on borough needs.

"Plus he attends meetings he's required to be at," Shank said.

Spagnola started in his new role with the borough at the end of May.

As part of accepting the job, he signed an agreement with the borough excluding himself from an employee agreement that's at the heart of a nearly $1 million lawsuit filed by former employees against the borough.

The lawsuits claim five former employees each signed the employee agreement that states each is to receive a severance package of three years' pay and benefits. They are suing for a combined $953,092.


One of the former employees involved in the lawsuit is former manager Kevin Hevner, whom Spagnola is replacing.

All new borough employees have to sign an agreement withdrawing themselves from the employee agreement, Shank said.

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