The Central York school board will vote Monday on whether to expand the district's iPad program into the middle school.

The "1-World" program, which aims to pair each student with a device, started two years ago in the high school.

If the expansion is approved, every student from seventh grade up would be equipped with his or her own iPad or laptop.

Seventh- and ninth-graders would receive new iPads. Eighth-graders would use refurbished laptop computers from this year's senior class, tenth- and eleventh-graders would continue using the iPads they've used since starting at the high school, and members of the class of 2015 would use the laptops they've been assigned.

The first 500 iPads were a $250,000 bulk purchase for ninth-graders in the 2012-13 school year. Additional iPads were bought to continue the program this past year, and the funds for both purchases came from the district's existing technology budget.

But next year, the administration is proposing the district enter into a new four-year lease agreement with Apple that will allow the school to exchange its iPads every three years to keep up-to-date with the company's technology and the apps created for the classroom.

New lease: The district is proposing to move back to a lease agreement to keep the technology budget level, said superintendent Michael Snell. The district's technology budget has fluctuated between $500,000 and $525,000 for the past eight to 10 years. The new lease agreement would take that down to $400,000 to $425,000.


Next week, the board will vote on whether to approve a $400,000 lease for new iPads for the seventh- and ninth-grade classes, replacement laptops for the district's teaching staff and 15 iPads for every elementary school classroom.

Each elementary classroom will receive the new technology to replace the "dinosaur" desktop computers, Snell said.

The new technology will be paired with additional staff training that will help teachers learn how to integrate the technology into class curriculum, Snell said.

Technology cycle: Board president Michael Wagner said moving back to a lease agreement makes sense, especially to keep the technology current for student use. The district used to lease technology, Snell said, but in the past few years has purchased laptops and iPads for students in certain grades.

Those laptops and iPads will remain in use by students as the phasing in of the lease begins.

The board will vote on the lease approval at its meeting Monday, June 16.

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