Susquehannock High School social studies teachers Deb and Joe Dominick sit in Joe’s classroom Thursday. The couple are retiring after a combined
Susquehannock High School social studies teachers Deb and Joe Dominick sit in Joe's classroom Thursday. The couple are retiring after a combined 53-plus years in education. (BILL KALINA —

For the past 13 years, Deb Dominick spent her workdays in the same hallway as her husband Joe, both teaching American history and other social studies classes at Susquehannock High School.

The couple had similar schedules, got involved in extracurriculars and spent years getting to know students who would graduate from the Southern York County School District.

And this week, the Dominicks are retiring from teaching in the same manner as they've done so many things in their careers: together.

Joe, 56, will retire after 30 years of teaching at the high school; Deb, 55, taught at Susquehannock for 13 years. Before that, she taught at what is now the York County School of Technology, was a substitute in several schools and took time to raise the couple's two sons.

Working together: People ask them all the time what it's like to work with their spouse, Deb said. But most days, she only sees her husband outside of work.

"Even though he's three doors down the hall, we don't see each other during the day," she said.

In fact, colleagues teased the couple because, until this year, the couple didn't even drive to work together. Joe said his wife was often on her way out the door to school while he was still waking up, thinking about the day ahead.

The differences continued: Joe spent much of his career coaching the wrestling team, as well as other sports for shorter periods of time such as football, soccer and track. Deb was the adviser for National Honor Society, student council and the school's quiz bowl team for several years.


But despite the ways their careers varied, both said their connections with students and colleagues will mean the most as they end their teaching careers.

Staying young: Teaching does one of two things to people, Joe said.

"It makes you old really fast or it keeps you young," he explained. "For both of us, I think it keeps us young."

Both teachers said they worked to make social studies relevant for their students. Joe said his favorite units were about the 1960s and 1970s, but he also enjoyed teaching his government and economics classes because, as he'd tell his students, those are topics "you aren't getting away from for the rest of your life."

Deb said her goal was to make history more than dry dates or people to her students, so she put extra effort into connecting history to the impact it still has today.

Deb will be saying goodbye to Susquehannock for a second time: The 1976 alumna of the high school said she was "awestruck" to return to her alma mater, where many of her new colleagues were teachers she'd had as a student.

"I've always kind of felt that I have a vested interest in the school," she said. "It just kind of means a little more to me."

Future plans: This summer, the couple will spend time preparing to move from their Glen Rock home to Mechanicsburg, where they'll start their next phase of life. Joe said they're moving closer to a son, his wife and their daughter, the Dominicks' first grandchild.

Deb said they hope to make time for travel, too. They especially enjoy seeing areas in the western United States. And without the workload from school, Deb added, she'll be able to make time for gardening and reading without feeling guilty about putting off her own homework.

But Deb can identify with the seniors who graduated last week and are leaving more than textbooks behind. She and Joe will also be leaving friends they've grown close to over the years.

"The best friends that I have, I made here at school," she said.

Retiring: This year, the 16 public school districts in York County will say goodbye to 217 administrators, teachers and support staff members. Here is the full list of retirees, organized by school district.

Central York:

•Jackie Glatfelter, Hayshire Elementary Head Custodian, 8.5 years

•Brenda Almoney, Stony Brook Elementary Custodian, 8 years

•Diane Lane, North Hills Elementary Custodian, 8 years

•Deborah Snelbaker, Sinking Springs Elementary Cook/Cashier, 10 years

•Bonnie Brodbeck, Middle School Instructional Assistant, 10 years

•Catherine Nace, Hayshire Elementary Instructional Assistant, 21 years

•Kathy Mesler, Stony Brook Elementary Secretary, 24 years

•Vicky Weaver, Middle School Teacher, 18 years

•Kerry Stauffer, North Hills Elementary Teacher, 5 years

•Sally Lugo, Hayshire Elementary Teacher, 14 years

•Jeffrey Deffinbaugh, North Hills Elementary Teacher, 11.5 years

•Fran Federman, High School Teacher, 15 years

•Robbin Simonds-Flannagan, North Hills Elementary Teacher, 13 years

•Mary Doherty, North Hills Elementary Teacher, 6 years

•Cherylann Hollinger, High School Teacher, 22 years

•Kimberly Minacci, North Hills Elementary Teacher, 10 years

Dallastown Area:

•Alan Fauth, High School Principal, 36 years

•Connie Harvey, High School Nurse, 24.03 years

•Sally Kashner, High School English Teacher, 22.02 years

•Julie Taylor, High School Secretary to the Principal, 28.23 years

•Stan Weinstein, High School Assistant Principal, 27 years

•Vicki Rohrbaugh, Intermediate School 4th Grade Teacher, 35.17 years

•Donald Ferree, Leaders Heights Elementary Custodian, 16.76 years

•Melodee Sherwood, Loganville-Springfield Elementary 3rd Grade Teacher, 30.45 years

•Tammy Fisher, Ore Valley Elementary Nurse (years not given)

•Lois Goodling, Ore Valley Elementary Classroom Paraprofessional, 18.3 years

•Brenda Lamotte, Ore Valley Elementary Classroom Paraprofessional, 19.84 years

•Ursula Tallardy, Ore Valley Elementary Classroom Paraprofessional 11.97 years

•Diane Smeltzer, York Township Elementary Classroom Paraprofessional, 25.13 years

•Linda Winemiller, York Township Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher, 27.95 years

Dover Area:

•Shirley Stitley, High School Teacher, 43 years

•Lynn Myers, Leib Elementary Teacher, 34 years

•Rhonda Miller-Seda, Leib Elementary Teacher, 34 years

•Constance Lacoe, Weigelstown Elementary Teacher, 41 years

•Angie McWilliams, High School Teacher, 41 years

•Cheryl O'Brien, Weigelstown Elementary Building Aide, 14 years

•Beverly Rothrock, Intermediate School Learning Support Aide, 28 years

•Mary Alice Hoke, Intermediate School Learning Support Aide, 33 years

Eastern York:

•Janet Bish, Wrightsville Elem. Health Room Assistant, 19 years

•Karen Borten, Wrightsville Elem. 3rd Grade Teacher, 35 years

•Nancy Campbell, Administration/ Secretary to the Superintendent, 14 years

•Donald Gillett, Wrightsville Elem. Principal, 12 years

•Charlotte Gillig, High School Learning Support Teacher, 16 years

•Jeffrey Henry, Middle School Math Teacher, 29 years

•Marilyn Lesser, Middle School 8th Grade Math Teacher, 30 years

•Deborah Mauro, Elementary School Gifted Education Teacher, 19 years

•Jack Predix, High School Athletic Director, 33 years

•Alan Vican, High School Social Studies/Driver Education/Junior High Basketball Coach, 19 years

•Stephen Webb, Canadochly Elem. Head Custodian, 6.5 years

Hanover Public:

•Diane Laucks, Elementary Guidance Counselor, 17.6 years

•Sheila Jordan, 6th Grade Teacher, 14.4 years

•Dave Reese, Health and Physical Education Teacher, 36 years

•Jill Davidson, Health and Physical Education Teacher, 34.9 years

•Andrew Kuhn, Maintenance Craftsman II, 35 years

•Brian Sullivan, Custodian, 5 years

•Walter Baldwin, Part-time Custodian, 11 years

•Eileen Gass, Elementary Secretary, 15 years

•Madge Staub, Part-time Cafeteria Worker, 10 years

•Russell Calhoun, Computer Technician, 5.3 years


•Karen Delp, Conewago Elem. Reading Specialist, 13 years

•Kathy Diehl, High School English/Reading Teacher, 22 years

•Jaron Flickinger, Administration/District Technology Coordinator, 12 years

•Elaine Seibert, Conewago Elem. Special Education Paraprofessional, 8 years

•Carol Schaefer, Administration/System Administrator, 26 years

•Linda Graffius, Conewago Elem. Playground/Cafeteria Aide, 7 years

•Robert Stump, High School Head Custodian, 9 years

Northern York County:

•Kay Heikenfeld, South Mountain, Wellsville Elem. Schools General Music Instructor/Choral Director, 31 years

•Elizabeth Tauser, Middle School Guidance Secretary, 23 years

•Pamela Meabon, Wellsville Elem. Nurse Aide, 23 years

•Paula Terry, Middle School Health Teacher, 35 years

•Donna Nebistinsky, South Mountain Elem. 3rd Grade Teacher, 20 years

•Rick Mauck, High School Assistant Principal, 15 years

•Sandy Emig, High School English Teacher, 15 years

South Eastern:

•Karen Baltzer, High School Family and Consumer Science Teacher, 34 years

•John Gemmill, High School Health and Physical Education Teacher, 36 years

•Anne Herzberger, Fawn Area, Stewartstown Elementary Schools Learning Support Teacher, 15 years

•Keith Hinton, South Eastern Middle School - West Elementary Teacher, 39 years

•Jeff Kelly, High School Social Studies Teacher, 24 years

•Carole Long, High School Business Education Teacher, 38 years

•Judy McClellan-Dippner, Delta-Peach Bottom Elem. Teacher, 35 years

•Wanda McCulloch, Stewartstown Elem. Teacher, 27 years

•Mary Jane Sechrist, Delta-Peach Bottom Elem. Teacher, 38 years

•Kathy Stover, Stewartstown Elem. Teacher, 35 years

•Leslie Trimmer, Administration/Assistant Superintendent, 2.5 years

•Nancy Weber, Fawn Area, Delta-Peach Bottom Elementary Schools Librarian, 27 years

•Randy Whiteford, South Eastern Middle School - East Health and Physical Education Teacher, 35 years

South Western:

•Frank Stanko, Administration/School Psychologist, 12 years

•Mark Bowersox, Intermediate School Geography Teacher, 29 years

•Thomas Long, High School Technology Education Support Teacher, 35 years

•Esther Redding, Intermediate School Music Teacher, 31 years

•Patricia Steback, Baresville Elem. Learning Support Teacher, 23 years

•Suzanne Williamson, Intermediate School Learning Support Teacher, 33 years

•Marlene Clark, Intermediate School Head Custodian, 20 years

•Scott Krenzer, Intermediate School Custodian, 32.8 years

•Robert Maher, Service Center Bus Driver, 12 years

•Deborah McDannell, Intermediate School Custodian, 26.68 years

•Zdenek Placek, West Manheim Elem. Custodian, 7 years

•Dennis Rebert, Intermediate School Custodian, 19.23 years

•Donna Schnetzka, Service Center Bus Driver, 15 years

Southern York:

•Rosa Baer, High School Counselor, 40 years

•Lyn Buchanan, Friendship Elem. Paraprofessional, 25 years

•Rebecca Cohenour, Shrewsbury Elem. 1st Grade Teacher, 40 years

•Norma Conley, Middle School Librarian, 31 years

•Deborah Dominick, High School Social Studies Teacher, 13 years

•Joseph Dominick, High School Social Studies Teacher, 30 years

•Christine Gerber, Southern Elem. 5th Grade Teacher, 35 years

•Roberta Heisler, Shrewsbury Elem. Reading Specialist, 33 years

•Thomas Hensley, Superintendent, 15 years

•Susan Hochstedt, Shrewsbury Elem. LSIT, 16 years

•Stephanie Jacoby, Friendship Elem. 3rd Grade Teacher, 24 years

•Frances Kahler, Southern Elem. Learning Support Paraprofessional, 25.5 years

•Tamara Kelley, High School English Teacher, 29 years

•Jean Lippy, Middle School Guidance Counselor, 28 years

•Vicki Manker, Southern Elem. Kindergarten Paraprofessional, 9.5 years

•Kristina Osborn, Elementary School Technology Education Teacher, 26 years

•Ruby Schmidt, Friendship Elem. Kindergarten Teacher, 36 years

•Cassie Timcheck, High School Family and Consumer Science Teacher, 28.5 years

•Maryann Trinkle, Friendship Elem. Learning Support Teacher, 34 years

Spring Grove Area:

•Gail Carroll, Intermediate School Health and Physical Education Teacher, 34.5 years

•Pamela Heiser, Middle School Librarian/Gifted Teacher, 20 years

•Jeffrey Payne, Intermediate School Elementary Teacher, 34.5 years

•Rebecca Scheivert, New Salem, Spring Grove Elementary Schools Library/Technology Support Teacher, 31 years

•Elizabeth Stein, Spring Grove Elem. Special Education Teacher, 31 years

•Joan Wildasin, Intermediate School Guidance Counselor, 38 years

•Wally Yowaski, High School Communication Arts Teacher, 35 years

•Barbara Culp, Intermediate School Cook, 31 years

•Darlin Heiner, Intermediate School Custodian, 8 years

•LeRoy Heiner, High School Custodian, 7 years

•Gloria Henry, Paradise Elem. Cook, 25 years

•Joanne Overmiller, Intermediate School Cook, 21 years

•Barbara Snyder, Paradise Elem. Kindergarten Aide, 25 years

•Cheryl Sprenkle, Middle School Custodian, 19 years

Red Lion:

•Joette Allphin, Mazie Gable Elem. 4th Grade Teacher, 39 years

•Ann Anderson, Larry J. Macaluso Elem. Learning Support Teacher, 29 years

•Marv Berkowitz, High School Physical Education Teacher, 38 years

•Susan Cathcart, Larry J. Macaluso Elem. Elementary Art Teacher, 16 years

•JoAnn Garner, Larry J. Macaluso Elem. 2nd Grade Teacher, 36.25 years

•Barbara Harrington, Clearview Elem. Custodian, 12.5 years

•Judy Heindel, Clearview Elem. Health Room Assistant, 10 years

•Charles Humberd, Windsor Manor Elem. Director of Student Services, 35 years

•Judy King, North Hopewell-Winterstown Elem. Custodian, 11 years

•Carol Kirby, Elementary School Nurse, 20.5 years

•Susan Pfaendler, High School French Teacher, 28.5 years

•Marsha Posey, High School Secretary, 28.5 years

•Jean Rice, Pleasant View Elem. 3rd Grade Teacher, 43 years

•Mary Jo Sallade, Locust Grove Elem. Personal Assistant, 22 years

•Jessica Shultz, High School English Teacher, 13 years

•Kathy Snyder, High School Family and Consumer Science, 33 years

•Michael Teixeira, High School Math Teacher, 35.5 years

•Jay Vasellas, High School Social Studies Teacher, 37.75 years

•Virginia Weber, Clearview Elem. 3rd Grade Teacher, 24 years

•Susan Wolgemuth, Clearview Elem. IST Teacher, 26 years

West Shore:

•Barbara Adams, Newberry Elem. Food Service, 6 years

•Barry Altland, High School Custodian, 7 years

•Stan Bielawa, Fairview Elem. 4th Grade Teacher, 25 years

•Mary Ann Chmiola, Fishing Creek Elem. Speech, 22 years

•Melodee Clark, Fairview Elem. Custodian, 12 years

•Robert Detz, Newberry Elem. Principal, 16.5 years

•Paul Engle, Jr., Administration/MMV, 23 years

•Kathryn Gingerich, High School Science Teacher, 29 years

•Dora Gumpher, Transportation Center Driver, 6 years

•Susan Henke, Fairview Elem. 3rd Grade Teacher, 30 years

•Larry Kell, High School Drivers Education/Health and Physical Education Teacher, 35 years

•Mona Kreitzer, Fishing Creek Elem. Librarian, 34 years

•Faith Mackey, Transportation Center Driver, 24 years

•Patricia Markis, Administration/Secretary, 18 years

•Deborah Marks, Newberry/Red Mill Elementary Schools HCA, 6 years

•Gale McCarty, Fishing Creek/Fairview Elementary Schools Reading Aide, 28 years

•Debbie McNamara, Red Mill Elem. 5th Grade Teacher, 14 years

•Susan Naples, Transportation Center Driver, 16 years

•Ronny Platts, Newberry Elem. Special Education Paraprofessional, 8 years

•David Roseman, High School Special Education Teacher, 42.5 years

•Grace Sandnes, Transportation Center Driver, 17 years

•Leslie Sheaffer, Red Mill Elem. 5th Grade Teacher, 37.5 years

•Jemry Small, Superintendent, 31 years

•Cheryl Snyder, Newberry Elem. 2nd Grade Teacher, 35 years

•Linda Taylor, Red Mill Elem. 3rd Grade Teacher, 34.5 years

•Grace Tolbert, Fishing Creek Elem. Custodian, 45 years

•Joseph Vitolo, High School Technology Education Teacher, 35 years

West York:

•Bonita King, Administration Building Custodian, 9.5 years

•John King, Lincolnway Elem. Custodian, 3 years

•Mary Goodwillie, Elementary Schools 2nd Grade Teacher, 16 years

•Timothy Kettermar, Middle School Plant Operator, 25 years

•Paula Muller, Secretary to the Superintendent, 11.5 years

•Patricia Oettel, Elementary Schools Librarian, 17 years

•James Stine, Middle School Math Teacher, 7 years

York City:

•John Brenneman, Teacher, 15 years

•Amy Wolfgang, Teacher, 14 years

•Wilda DiPietro, Teacher, 9 years

•David Beaverson, Teacher, 28 years

•Carmen Lambert, Teacher, 20 years

•Steve Gantz, Teacher, 27 years

•Jerome Rose, Teacher, 21 years

•Tracey Dolmetsch, Teacher, 27 years

•Robert Hunter, Teacher, 19 years

•Elizabeth Ness, Teacher, 32 years

•Donna Sheffer, Teacher, 34 years

•Rose Matthews, Teacher, 30 years

•Vicki Besore, Teacher, 36 years

•Julie Atkins, Teacher, 31 years

•Brad Winslow, Teacher, 28 years

•Gregg Hartzell, Teacher, 8 years

•Eloise Newsome, Counselor, 18 years

York Suburban:

•Billie Jean Jensenius, Valley View Elem. 1st Grade Teacher, 35 years

•Karen Kibler, Middle School Secretary to the Principal, 27 years

•Carol Loucks, Middle School Office Secretary, 15 years

•Kay Matthews, Yorkshire Elem. 2nd Grade Teacher, 28 years

•Warren Tyson, East York Elem. Head Custodian, 31 years

•Catherine Brown, High School Math Teacher, 17 years

•Sharon Craumer, Custodian, 9 years

•Gabija Blotzer, High School Latin Teacher, 16 years

•Lindell Gladfelter, High School French Teacher, 14 years

•Linda Kim, High School Librarian, 26 years

•Kathy Meals, Maintenance Office Facilities Secretary/Community Education Coordinator, 17 years

•Kathryn Orban, Superintendent, 9 years

•Jane Piepmeier, Valley View Elem. 1st Grade Teacher, 30 years

•Georgia Valero, High School Spanish Teacher, 30 years

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