The Dallastown Area school board unanimously passed its final budget Thursday, which means residents will not see a hike in property taxes for the fourth year in a row.

The $95.3 million budget remained the same from the preliminary budget approved in April, said board member Ronald Blevins. The property tax rate will be 22.26 mills for the fifth straight year.

The budget does not include any cuts to staff or to programs.

Covering deficit: The district plans to cover a $1.3 million deficit by using fund balance money, Blevins said. The district might also use the fund balance to cover a deficit for the 2015-16 school year, taking the fund balance from about $13 million in June 2013 to $10.3 million in June 2015.

The district is expected to save $740,000 in interest savings this year, Blevins said. If that projection holds true, the board might choose to use about half of that savings toward the budget deficit, meaning the district would use less than $1 million from the fund balance next year.

Superintendent Ron Dyer said the district's goal has been to keep the budget in line with student enrollment increases, meaning about a 1 percent increase per year. Dyer said it was a "team effort" to achieve that goal this year.

The board is required to pass its budget before June 30 each year. The state is also required to pass its budget by June 30, but slow progress in the state budget means the district might have to readjust during the summer months if the state makes any large school-related budget changes, Blevins said.


"There is still a great deal of uncertainty about the state budget and what impact that will have on us," Blevins said.

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