In the June 5 issue of The York Dispatch, there were two front page articles and one on the Opinion page that should be of great concern to all those who value our public schools.

The superb overall education provided in our public schools is an extremely valuable resource we have, especially in the Southern and the South Western districts, as those are schools with which I am familiar.

Yet on page 1, there was a lead story of how York City schools may be forced into a complete conversion to charter schools if the union fails to approve a new contract.

Then, further down on page 1, state Sen. Scott Wagner compared unions to Hitler and Putin as he asked for support for his anti-union stance and legislation. (Sen. Wagner later explained he was referring to the power wielded by Hitler and Putin. Well, Mr. Wagner, you want to take away the unions' power so you will have more power. So, to whom should you be compared?)

Then, on the Opinion page, state Sen. Mike Folmer talks about his "earful on education" and his desire to see "education choice" (i.e., code words for privatizing our schools).

Though Mr. Folmer does admit there is not enough support to pass choice.

Several weeks ago, I saw several of your readers complain about a certain district superintendent making $200,000 per year. But, what will "choice," AKA charters, cybercharters, and privatization, bring?


Some of your readers may be seeing the TV ads running on local TV now by K12, a major public cyberschool company.

Are Yorkers aware that their tax dollars pay for some of those ads?

Are Yorkers aware that if they Google "K12 CEO salary" they will find that the K12 CEO made a reported $5 million in 2011? Most of that likely came from taxpayer dollars.

Where is that outrage over that?

So, our senators are doing their best to attack teachers' unions and/or give us choice.

Could it possibly be due to the fact that companies like K12 and other major charter school chains donate nice sums to their party's campaign coffers, whereas teachers' unions don't?

It is sad that I make that comment, but the reality is that politicians from both parties have their primary allegiances to their parties and their donors, not to the voters.

But voters need to wake up and not let them make our most precious resource, our children and grandchildren, the pawns in their power plays. If they succeed in forcing York schools to convert to charters, the other school districts will be the next targets.


New Freedom


Misunderstood initiative

I want to commend state Rep. Kevin Schreiber for his support of legislation that would make it easier for immigrants to get a driver's license.

It appears from previous letters that this initiative has been misunderstood.

Rather than reside in the shadows, I want undocumented immigrants to work for a living and contribute to our community, including the obligation to pay taxes.

Since most have come seeking a better economic life like our ancestors, I believe they want to work. And I want them to get to work by driving with a valid driver's license and the required insurance just like the rest of us.

We desperately need comprehensive immigration reform. The current system is broken and it costs the American taxpayer billions of dollars to even try to enforce it.


Windsor Twp.


Foreigners get special treatment

I agree with the letter from Mr. Blessing in your Wednesday, June 4, edition.

I've always thought people from foreign countries get treated better than us who have lived all our lives here.

And why do companies hire people who can speak very little English. especially where they must communicate with people?

Pharmacies are good for that.

And another:

Why does Pennsylvania let out-of-staters move here and never have to get Pennsylvania vehicle tags or Pennsylvania inspections?

When I moved here from Kentucky 30 years ago, an officer came to my door in about a month to inform me that I had to get Pennsylvania tags.

Now we have so many people from Maryland living here in southern York County for years and guess what?

They still have Maryland tags.

If Pennsylvania would enforce this law they could use the money to fix our roads instead of pushing gas prices up.


Shrewsbury Twp.