Police allege a Dover Township man chased and crashed into a car that had a suspected drug dealer in it in West York after he was stiffed in a drug deal on Thursday.

During the two-vehicle chase, the driver of a former police cruiser allegedly rammed the car he was chasing numerous times, causing it to crash. The chase hit speeds of more than 50 mph and sent several children and adults scrambling from sidewalks for safety, police said.

All told, police arrested three people, including a man and his girlfriend, for their alleged involvement in the incident.

Arrested were: Michael R. Diana, 45, of the 3000 block of Jodi Lane in Dover Township; Joshua M. Larose, 30, of the 100 block of West Market Street in York City; and Larose's girlfriend, Natasha Spotts, 30, of the 3400 block of Fox Ridge Drive in Dover Township, police said.

According to police, Diana met Larose and Spotts at a parking lot in York City to buy heroin about 5:50 p.m. but after Diana gave Spotts the cash, she stiffed him, hopped in the Saturn Larose was driving and sped off.

But Diana, who was driving a Ford Crown Victoria, a former police car, took off after the Saturn, causing a chase through parts of West York that included circling several blocks of West Poplar Terrace near Grace Loucks Elementary School, police said.

Numerous people reported the incident to York County 911.


The chase came to an end when Diana rammed the back of the Saturn, sending it into a curb at the intersection of West Poplar Terrace and South Pearl Street and disabling it. One of the Saturn's front wheels was sheared off and some of its tires were flattened in the crash, police said.

But the action didn't stop there.

Witnesses told police that Diana and Larose got out of the cars and starting fighting each other, police said.

The fight came to an end when Spotts gave Diana unknown items, prompting him to leave at a high rate of speed toward York City, police said.

Larose and Spotts were arrested at the scene.

Diana was arrested at his home, where police also found the Ford he was driving, police said.

Now he's charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, accidents involving damage to property, simple assault, possession of heroin and numerous traffic offenses, police said.

Larose is charged with reckless endangerment, simple assault, disorderly conduct, possession of a controlled substance and a traffic violation, police said.

Spotts is charged with possession of a controlled substance, police said.

Both Spotts and Diana were on probation at the time they were arrested, police said.

It is not known if any have retained attorneys.