Representatives from the West York Area School District plan to attend the next West Manchester Township meeting June 26 to protest an "exorbitant" permit fee the district received to register the Wallace Elementary School construction project with the township.

The district was charged a total of $116,250 for the building permits for Wallace, $47,950 of which goes to a third party company, Commonwealth Code Inspection Service. The township used the company to review and approve the architectural plans for the project.

The township contracts all of its permits and inspections to the service, said Monica Love, township zoning officer.

The district's main qualm, however, is with another $51,150 the township charged in building permit fees, Superintendent Emilie Lonardi said.

Fees: Lonardi said the township and district have a good relationship and have worked together on many projects in the past. The district fully expected to pay the township's clerical costs for the permit, but being required to pay $51,150 on top of the inspection service's contracted fee doesn't seem to be a good way to show that cooperation, she said.

The district asked the township to be added to the agenda June 26 to speak about the fees, Love confirmed.

"Requests are made for those fees to be waived on a regular basis," she said. "I can't say that they are regularly waived."

The township fee, Love added, comes from a standard formula used for every permit application.


"It is the same whether it's the mall, West York school district, or the Baptist church," she said.

The fees go toward covering all of the infrastructure projects the township is responsible for, including storm-water management and road maintenance, she said.

The high cost of the permit fees for Wallace exceed the amount budgeted for architectural fees, Lonardi said.

The district has budgeted about $12 million for the Wallace project, and $33.3 million for the high school project.

Lonardi said the high permit costs for the smaller project at Wallace makes school officials worry about the permit for the high school.

"It's going to hurt our project at the high school," Lonardi said, saying comparable permit fees would also exceed the amounts the district budgeted.

Other business: At the district's meeting Tuesday, the board voted 5-1 to approve Paula Rudy at the new assistant superintendent.

Rudy, previously principal at Trimmer Elementary School in the district, received a three-year contract with a starting salary of $125,000.

Rudy replaces Carol Powell, who resigned from the district in April.

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