Two boys had to be rescued from the Codorus Creek just west of the South Richland Avenue bridge Wednesday afternoon.

The boys, both believed to be about 14 or 15 years old, did not suffer injuries during the ordeal, said Dave Nichols, fire chief for West Manchester Township.

They were just a couple of feet below a low-head dam in the creek that borders West Manchester and Spring Garden townships when they were plucked from the water by two rescue swimmers, Nichols said.

"Luckily the water was not that deep and there was a log they were clinging to," the chief said, adding the water was about chest deep.

The boys, who were swimming, became distressed and yelled for help. Their yelling was heard by someone at the Snow Palace, 360 S. Richland Ave., who called 911 about 3:19 p.m., Nichols said.

First responders from West York Ambulance, West York and York Area United Fire & Rescue, as well as West Manchester and Dover townships were dispatched to the scene.

Rescue swimmers: Donning protective gear, two rescue swimmers with a York County Advanced Technical Rescue crew based out of the Dover Township Fire Co., entered the creek, Nichols said.

The swimmers were able to tie a guide rope to the log the boys were hanging onto and helped them the 30 feet back to shore, the chief said.

Though the boys were uninjured in the incident, Nichols said it could have been a different outcome considering how close they were to the dam, often dubbed "drowning machines.



According to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, there are "strong recirculating currents and turbulent water" below dams.

Swimmers and boaters have been known to be sucked toward the dam and pulled under water, Nichols said.

"If you're lucky it'll spit you out," he said, adding swimmers should stay clear of any dam when attempting to take a cooling swim.

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