This is in response to the editorials and letters to the editor in the York newspapers.

First, one must recognize and understand that state Sen. Scott Wagner's comments concerning the unions were not a comparison of union membership to past and present dictators. The reference can be considered quite appropriate for the few who are in a position to make decisions for the rest and those decisions are not representative of the majority.

Many union members are opposed to their dues being used for political purposes. The question might be asked how many others have just acquiesced. Unions working in conjunction with state and federal governments wield enormous power, primarily through campaign contributions. Big business and governments working together for their mutual self interests are another example. Members and the citizens are usually not well-served in these cases. It is the majority of the citizens and the union members that rightfully should exercise their will for the direction of the organization and country.


The castigation of the senator because of his choice of words smacks of invoking "political correctness." Political correctness often reflects a fear by a power group. It certainly borders on infringement of free speech. Political correctness, on the surface, seems to be benign. It is in fact extremely dangerous because it tends to play one group against another. This weakens all groups.

Somehow the power these factions have over the majority must be neutralized and returned to the members and citizens. It is our considered opinion that "paycheck protection" is essential to unlocking the strangle hold the union leaders have on politicians in Harrisburg.