The Dallastown Area school board will vote next month to add to its list of summer security upgrades throughout district grounds.

At its July meeting the board will vote to approve another $164,000 in security-related changes, which will be funded by the district's capital reserve fund, said board member Michael Noll.

The largest project included in the upgrades is an estimated $72,000 for a new entrance to the middle school. If the board approves the upgrade, the district will need to put the project out to bid, Noll said.

An additional $42,000 would be used to add another 28 cameras to the secondary campus, especially at entrances and the stadium. An estimated $32,000 would be used to install an intercom system for all the athletic fields around the campus, in the event of a weather emergency or other incident.

And about $18,000 would be used to purchase crowd control barriers for use in the athletic stadium.

New entrance: The middle school project is the latest school building to be scheduled for entrance upgrades, if the board approves the construction. In May, the board approved $41,242 to upgrade entrances at the Ore Valley, Loganville-Springfield and Leaders Heights elementary schools. Because the cost was lower and the changes can be completed in-house, the district will not need to bid those projects.


Though each design is specific to the building layout, Noll said the changes will put at least one level of separation between visitors and students.

The middle school project is more extensive because it will include building a small corridor from the front entrance directly to the school office, Noll said.

The middle school entrance has two sets of locked doors, but doesn't lead directly to the office.

With the proposed new entrance, visitors would be buzzed into only one outside door, which will open to the new glass corridor that ensures visitors go to the office instead of gaining access to the rest of the school building before signing in.

The bidding process for that project will most likely start too late for the project to be completed before school starts in the fall, Noll said. The bidding documents will request the work be completed at night and on weekends so the changes do not disrupt the school day, he added.

Other projects: The cameras and intercom system are other items that will help to increase safety on the secondary campus, Noll said.

The cameras will provide lines of vision to previous blind spots, and the intercom system will allow for immediate notification in the event of an emergency, instead of someone on a go-cart traveling field to field, Noll said.

The barriers will replace the "five-gallon bucket, rebar and string approach" that Noll said has been used in the past to keep spectators off playing surfaces. With a new turf field going in, Noll said the buildings and grounds committee recommends buying more permanent fixtures, along with carts to easily move them from one location to another.

The board will vote on all of the capital reserve projects at its Thursday, July 17 meeting.

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