Investigators so far know of nearly 50 customers whose credit-card information was compromised after using credit cards at a Springettsbury Township restaurant, police said.

Springettsbury Township Police said they don't yet know how identity thieves were able to obtain the information from customers of Ginmiya restaurant, 2524 Eastern Blvd. — or whether it was from the restaurant itself or from its vendor.

Close to 50 people have reported fraudulent activity on their credit cards, primarily in the form of store purchases both locally and across the state, according to Sgt. Tony Beam. All of the victims had used their credit cards at the Asian and sushi restaurant, he said.

But police think there may be more victims out there and are urging Ginmiya customers to monitor their credit-card statements for fraudulent transactions.

Ginmiya manager Jessica Liu said the restaurant is cooperating with investigators and will put up a sign warning customers of the security breach.

Police informed restaurant staff a few days ago, she said.

"We were really shocked," Liu said.

People who believe they have been victims of the credit-card fraud, and anyone with information about it, are asked to call police at (717) 757-3525.