Gregory Hess
Gregory Hess

The $10 million bail initially set for Gregory Hess was revoked Monday when York County Common Pleas Judge Thomas H. Kelley deemed Hess more of a "flight risk," in light of Hess' arrest for alleged involvement in a second murder-for-hire plot.

Hess, 46, of 1950 Hoff Road in North Codorus Township, was charged April 18 for allegedly paying $1,900 to a person identified as "Informant 1" to kill Christopher Ward, who was involved with Hess' wife, Laurie Hess.

While out on bail, Hess was arrested for a second time June 11 for his alleged involvement in an attempt to kill Informant 1.

At the hearing Monday, Kelley said the second set of charges might be admissable in the first case with a concept of "consciousness of guilt."

"The admissability of that might make your client more of a flight risk," Kelley told Hess' attorney, Farley Holt, at the hearing before revoking bail.

Holt said the hearing was already a "moot point," because the bail bondsman who covered the $10 million bail, James Fabie, filed a request last week to revoke the bail.

Hearing: Kelley said he did not sign the request, instead scheduling the hearing Monday to clarify the motions surrounding Hess' bail.

Initially, the hearing was supposed to be about a swap of bondsmen, from Fabie to Ed Saxe and Steven Schiding. The York County District Attorney's Office had filed a motion questioning whether Fabie had enough assets to cover the $10 million bail.


As of Monday, Fabie was still the sole bondholder, Fabie confirmed in a statement to the judge during the hearing.

After Hess was arrested a second time and violated one of the terms of the bond by participating in alleged criminal activity, Fabie filed the request for Kelley to revoke bail.

Fabie declined to say when he filed that request, but Holt said he was notified June 20.

Hess was denied bail at the arraignment for his second arrest June 11. But Holt said he has filed a motion for a bail hearing in that case. That hearing has not yet been scheduled, Holt said.

Second charges: Hess was arrested for a second time in two months on a charge of solicitation to commit homicide. He is accused of offering to pay another informant a total of $15,000 to kill the informant from the first case.

Hess' son, Toby Hess, was also arrested in the second case, and is charged with conspiracy to intimidate a witness. Toby Hess allegedly photographed the informant from the first case, which Gregory Hess allegedly used to set up the second murder-for-hire plot with Informant 2.

Gregory Hess and his son are in York County Prison, with Toby Hess on $250,000 bail.

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