Parking meters are back up in West York, but you don't have to pay them just yet.

Though the meters were reinstalled late Thursday night, the council still has to work out some issues, such as how much to charge residents who live in the metered district for parking permits.

That's expected to be discussed at a Monday, July 7, council meeting.

As such, metered parking won't be enforced until at least that date, said council president Brian Wilson.

Councilwoman Shelley Metzler said she hasn't heard of plans to put bags over the meters until that time.

"If people are feeding the meters, then they're feeding them," Wilson said.

Surprised: Though it was no secret that the meters were going to be put back up, the sight of them dotting the sidewalks Friday morning came as a surprise to some residents, said Deb Anderson, a resident and co-ower of D&W Electronics Plus Two, 1512 W. Market St.

"I think the borough could have at least notified us," she said on Monday. "It's common courtesy."

Wilson said the borough's highway department workers opted to install the meters late Thursday night, working until about 1 a.m. Friday, to avoid working in high temperatures during day.

For their moonlit work, the workers took off Friday, meaning the borough didn't have to pay them overtime, Wilson said.


The 149 meters are along a roughly four-block stretch of West Market Street from the borough line with York City to Seward Street.

Revenue source: Metered parking brought in about $28,000 in 2012 through money from the meters, parking tickets and parking permits issued to residents so they could park at metered spaces in front of their homes.

In September, the council narrowly voted to remove the meters. But a new council seated in January reversed that decision.

In order for the meters to be reinstalled, they had to be recertified.

With the meters back up, Anderson said she's indifferent to them. But while the meters were down, customers could park in front of the store and didn't have to park along a nearby side street to avoid feeding change into meters.

"When our customers came, they had a place to park," she said.

However, borough officials said the lack of time-controlled parking allowed motorists to park their cars in the same spots for long periods of time.

Meeting: During the upcoming meeting, the council is expected to discuss what amount residents living in the metered area should pay for parking permits since the meters were reinstalled midway through the year.

The council could also explore expanding metered parking in other parts of the borough.

"There's some parking issues happening at some other parts" of the borough, Wilson said.

At one point, meters were in other parts of the borough, including along parts of Highland Avenue.

The council meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at the West York Borough building, 1700 W. Philadelphia St.

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