The West Manchester Township board of supervisors will vote next month on whether to refund money to the West York Area School District from its permit fees on upcoming construction projects.

The school district was charged $116,250 for the building permits for Wallace Elementary School's expansion and renovations, $47,950 of which goes to a third party company, Commonwealth Code Inspection Service. The township used the company to review and approve the architectural plans for the project.

The township contracts all of its permits and inspections to the service, said Monica Love, township zoning officer.

The district paid the entire permit cost already, district business manager George Fike said at the township meeting Thursday. But the district is hoping the township will consider a refund to the Wallace permits, and also consider preemptively granting a waiver for the building permit fees that will come from the high school project.

Permit waiver: With the Wallace project, the additional $51,150 is derived from a standard fee formula used for all township projects, Love has said. Those fees help to cover infrastructure projects the township is responsible for, including storm-water management and road maintenance.

The township and school district have shared a good working relationship for numerous years, Fike said, and asked the township consider the refunds in a "spirit of reciprocity."


School board vice president Todd Gettys said the two groups have worked together on projects in the past that have benefitted the community, and believes these renovations will add value to the life of the community.

"We really have been considering the residents as we're doing this project," Gettys said.

Township chairman David Markel asked to table a final decision because one supervisor, Rosa Hickey, was not in attendance.

"It certainly makes a lot of sense that we should be working together on these projects," Markel said.

The board of supervisors will vote at its next meeting on Thursday, July 24.

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