Auction website
Auction website (York Dispatch)

Millions of dollars worth of materials belonging to New Hope Academy Charter School are being auctioned online.

For sale are hundreds of computers, textbooks, art supplies, chairs, desks, cafeteria equipment and science materials.

"All of those items, pretty much everything in the school, including the van, is being sold," said B.J. Jennings, owner of Jennings Auction Group, which is hosting the online auction on its website at

Jennings said she could not estimate the total value of the items, but it's in the millions of dollars.

The auction features more than 1,500 "lots" — which can include one item or multiple items.

"We have literally tens of thousands of pieces probably," Jennings said. "But some of those lots might have 25 or 30 pieces in them."

For example, classroom desks are being sold in groups of 25 or 30.

After the disposition of any liabilities and obligations, state law requires that when a charter school dissolves "any remaining assets of the charter school, both real and personal, shall be distributed on a proportional basis to the school entities with students enrolled in the charter school for the last full or partial school year of the charter school."

Most New Hope students live within the boundaries of the York City School District.

Open for bids: The auction is currently open for bids. It will close Wednesday, July 9, shortly after 10 a.m.


Anyone is welcome to bid, Jennings said.

Potential bidders can preview the items between 1 and 6 p.m. Monday, July 7, at the school, 459 W. King St.

Removal of items is scheduled for the mornings of Friday, July 11, and Saturday, July 12, according to the auction website.

New Hope is in the midst of dissolution after Commonwealth Court affirmed a state Charter School Appeal Board decision that upheld the school district's 2012 decision not to renew New Hope's charter.

The school's last day in operation was June 10.

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