A York City teacher accused of illegally possessing a crack pipe and two prescription narcotic pills is no longer employed by the city school district.

Michael Ketterman resigned from his position as a learning support teacher at Goode K-8 in May, according to the York City School District's May 21 school-board agenda.

He had been football coach for Hanover High School but resigned last fall, a school official said.

Ketterman, 47, of Lilac Road in West Manchester Township, is free on his own recognizance, charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance.

York City Police began investigating Ketterman in March after arresting Goode K-8 teacher Bryan Gosnell for alleged drug possession in early March.

Police said Gosnell gave them Ketterman's name and told them Ketterman also is a drug user.

Back pain: During a police interview, Ketterman admitted to smoking crack cocaine and using the narcotics oxycodone and Percocet to manage his back pain, charging documents allege.

Ketterman has a prescription for the drugs, but told police he overmedicates and had two pills in his possession that were not legally prescribed to him, according to documents.

He also said he smoked crack with Gosnell and kept his crack pipe at Gosnell's home, police allege.

Attorney George Margetas, who represents Ketterman, said these kinds of allegations ruin teachers' careers, whether they are true or not.


Margetas confirmed his client has been prescribed medication for years and said he is unaware of any cocaine use by Ketterman.

'Very ashamed': "When the time comes, my client will take responsibility for what he's responsible for," the attorney said. "He's very ashamed and very remorseful. At this point he's got to take responsibility for his actions."

Ketterman has been actively involved in coaching and refereeing local youth athletics, especially in West York, Margetas confirmed.

"He hates the fact that he had to leave his job over all this," the attorney said. "It would be unfortunate to find out the truth (of police allegations) is somewhere in the middle."

First arrest: Gosnell, 33, of Hoke Street in West York, was arrested March 5 after police pulled him over for allegedly speeding, running a red light and swerving in and out of traffic on North Broad Street.

During a police interview, Gosnell admitted to injecting the narcotic Suboxone, and also admitted to smoking marijuana and crack cocaine, charging documents state.

Gosnell told police he has been addicted to heroin for three years and has been weaning himself from the drug by illegally buying and using Suboxone, documents state.

Lunch break: He told police he got high before going to work that day, then left the school over lunch to go home and shoot up again, police allege.

Police seized Suboxone, pot, a water bong and needles during a search of Gosnell's home.

Gosnell resigned in April from his position as a special-education teacher at Goode, according to the school district's April 16 school-board agenda.

Suboxone is a prescription narcotic used to treat opiate dependence, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

On May 23, Northern York County Regional Police arrested Gosnell and charged him with driving under the influence, court records state.

York City School Superintendent Eric Holmes did not return messages seeking comment.

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