Rudy Kocman didn't expect to be embroiled in Springettsbury Township municipal code when he put up a patriotic sign on the front lawn of his business.

But 24 hours after the owner of Kocman Insurance Group, 3217 E. Market St., put up a 10-foot banner advising onlookers to "celebrate freedom," a township code officer told him he was violating a rule.

"He said we would need a permit or we could be fined $500 a day, and if we ignored the rules there could be criminal penalties," Kocman said.

Kocman took it down temporarily and worked with the township, paying $25 for a permit that allows him to hang the banner on the side of his building for 14 days.

"I'm glad it's resolved, and now I know the township code attached to banners," he said.

Springettsbury Township offices were closed Thursday, and noboday was there to offer comment.

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