Thumbs up: The York Revolution again threw open the gates to Santander Stadium Friday for a free community Fourth of July fireworks display.

This was the second year the team hosted the event, which drew thousands who watched the show from the York City stadium's seats and the outfield.

Before the Revolution hosted last year, the holiday party was held at the York Expo Center for 34 years.

"Last year, the event was on death's door because of funding issues. We partnered with the Cultural Alliance to continue it. We have the perfect facility for it, and it's a real kick to see this happen," said Eric Menzer, president and general manager of the York Revolution.

The July 4 display is the second community event the York Revolution has saved from extinction; it also now hosts the city's Halloween parade.

"Our overall goal with these special events is to make them a source of pride for York. There's so much potential and so much we can do for downtown York," said Adam Nugent, special event coordinator for the baseball team.

Go Revs.

Thumbs up: The baseball team is by no means alone in spreading the community spirit. Downtown Inc, a co-sponsor of the fireworks display, has become Cherry Lane's "Angel of the Park."

The nonprofit, local artist Patrick Sells and an anonymous donor partnered to improve the downtown York "pocket park," spending about $10,000 to create and install new benches and landscaping near the first block of West Market Street.


Sells, co-owner of Salvaging Creativity, built the benches from local mulberry wood and recycled industrial materials.

"It's pretty cool to be in a city where you can really make an impact," Sells said.

York City Mayor Kim Bracey said Downtown Inc has agreed to become Cherry Lane's "Angel of the Park."

The Angel program started in 2003 under Mayor John Brenner, who sought individuals and businesses to help the city maintain its 26 parks.

"Since then we've had a lot of great partners come forward to be angels as well," Bracey said.