2014 Harley-Davidson Tourig.
2014 Harley-Davidson Tourig. (goeharley-davidson.com)

The thousands of motorcycles Harley-Davidson recalled on Wednesday were made in York.

But the company said it has a way to fix them and prevent future defects.

In the middle of the busiest riding season, Harley-Davidson is recalling 66,421 motorcycles made at the local plant.

The Milwaukee-based manufacturer said the front wheels of 2014 Touring and CVO Touring bikes can lock up without warning.

Bikes included in the recall are those with anti-lock brakes built between July 1, 2013 and May 7, 2014.

The issue was identified through a final vehicle audit at Harley's York Vehicle Operations at 1425 Eden Road in Springettsbury Township, said spokeswoman Bernadette Lauer.

Harley said the problem occurs when the front brake line gets pinched between the fuel tank and the frame. That causes the front brake fluid pressure to increase and increases the risk of the front wheel locking up while riding.

The defect has resulted in five crashes, with two minor injuries, the company reported.

Harley is notifying owners later this month and dealers will replace the brake lines for free.

"To address the potential issue, we added another cable strap to further restrain the brake lines," Lauer said.

In addition to the Tourings, other CVO, Softail and Trike models are also made in York.

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