It won't be Monopoly money Dover High School students will soon be learning with, but rather cold, hard cash after the school board on Monday approved a deal with a credit union to open a student-run branch in the school.

Instead of being paid to run the Members 1st Federal Credit Union branch, students will earn course credits as part of the district's unpaid internship program, said Charles Benton, the district's director of career and technical education.

A bonded banking official will oversee operations, he said.

The program will serve as a teaching tool in which students will earn hands-on experience in a field they might pursue further in college or as a career, said Dover Superintendent Ken Cherry.

"This is a real world application. That's what makes learning real," he said, adding the program will make learning more exciting for students.

The program: Part of a classroom will be renovated to allow for the addition of the financial institution, which is slated to open sometime in the early part of the upcoming school year, Benton said.

Members 1st is picking up much of the tab for renovation, meaning taxpayers won't be affected.

The financial institution at the 46 W. Canal Street school will generally be open during school hours and will mainly be used by students and district staff. But it could also be open during events held at the school, district officials said.


Students will be able to complete minor banking transactions, such as cashing checks, Benton said.

Though the general public can use the financial institution, there will be safeguards in place to ensure no one gets into other parts of the school. District officials said customers will have to be buzzed through a locked door in order to get into the to-be converted classroom.

Principal resigns: In other board news, Philip Livelsberger resigned from his post as principal of the intermediate school.

He worked for the district for about eight years, Emig said, adding the search is now on to fill the position.

In separate motions, the school board unanimously accepted Livelsberger's resignation and approved the deal with Members 1st.

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