Gene Seely got a pleasant surprise when he filled up his gas tank on Friday.

The price at the pump had fallen from $3.69 a gallon the previous week to $3.62 last week.

"I wouldn't call these prices low, but it's less than I paid the last time," said the 67-year-old Hellam Township resident.

U.S. gas prices reached a 100-day low last week, steadily falling throughout July, according to

Prices have decreased as turmoil stabilized in Iraq and crude prices dropped nearly $10 a barrel, analysts said.

"Although the situation in Iraq remains unresolved, disruption to supply is increasingly unlikely," said Michael Green, AAA spokesman.

Gas prices will continue to fall at incremental rates throughout the rest of the year, said Gregg Laskoski, senior petroleum analyst with GasBuddy.

"As long as no major tropical storm or hurricane comes through (that damages oil refineries), it will be good news for consumers," he said.

If gas prices follow seasonal trends, prices during the rest of the year will likely be lower than prices during the same month last year, Laskoski said.

Winter blend: Typically, as the summer driving season winds down, and refineries switch in late September from the summer-blend gasoline to the less expensive winter-blend gasoline, prices usually drop in the fall.


"Winter-blend gasoline is cheaper to make, so cheaper gasoline is reaching the consumer and sold when there is less demand. The fourth quarter of the year usually brings retail prices to their lowest levels," Laskoski said.

How low prices will get in York County is unclear.

Prices in Pennsylvania and York County are trending higher than the national average, but they're still lower than they were a month ago.

Prices here: On Sunday, the national average was $3.57 per gallon, while the state average was $3.68 and the county average was $3.62.

Several gas stations in York posted gas prices at $3.59 Sunday — a good drop from the $3.72 Yorkers paid a month ago.

"I'm just happy to see it's finally coming down," said Kristy Robertson, a 32-year-old York City resident.

In some areas of the country, prices are already less than they were last year. But there are some states, such as Ohio and Michigan, where prices are on the rise.

Pennsylvania's prices are expected to gradually decrease throughout the rest of the year, Laskoski said.

"I can't say if they will be significantly lower because we started off the year much higher than last year," he said. "But I think consumers will be happy with what they see at the pump during the last half of the year."