Pennsylvania might soon have a Congressman who also serves as a brigadier general in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, if Rep. Scott Perry is confirmed for the post in the coming months.

Gov. Tom Corbett nominated Perry, the Republican legislator from Dillsburg, in June for the promotion from colonel to brigadier general.

The upcoming promotion process is expected to take several months, said Joan Nissley, press secretary for the state Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

Promotion process: Corbett started the process for Perry with the official nomination, which was made on the recommendation of the adjutant general, said Owen McEvoy, spokesman for the governor's office.

Perry, 52, will need to meet with state senators before a hearing in the Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee, likely to happen in the fall. If that hearing is successful, Perry will need to be confirmed by the full state senate during a floor vote.

A similar process will take place at the federal level, according to Nissley and confirmation protocol.

Before Perry can officially take the post, an existing brigadier general post in the Army National Guard must become available, Nissley said.

If Perry is confirmed he would likely move into the post currently held by Brig. Gen. Timothy Hilty, McEvoy said. Hilty is nominated by Corbett to also be promoted within the National Guard to become a major general, McEvoy added.


Service: Perry has served in the National Guard since 1980.

In his current role as colonel, Perry oversees commander-centric training, and makes sure the Fort Indiantown Gap Garrison and Training Site operates under the proper state and federal guidelines.

Within the National Guard, Perry is the deputy commanding general of the 28th Infantry Division. He served on active duty in Iraq from January 2009 until January 2010, which interrupted one of Perry's terms as a state representative. Perry served in the state House from 2007 through his election as a Congressman in 2012.

Perry's office said the representative is waiting to comment until the process is complete.

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