Flies have been removed from the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge.
Flies have been removed from the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge. (York Dispatch file)

The mayfly mess has left Wrightsville for another year, with the final evidence power washed off the new lamps on the Wrightsville Memorial Bridge.

The flies are a fact of life for residents by the river, but the 65 new cast iron 1930s-style lanterns installed on the bridge within the past month attracted the flies, which died and mounded upon the pillars on the bridge.

The new lamps are part of the $2.1 million federal transportation enhancement grant through the state department of transportation and led by Columbia borough in Lancaster County.

On Wednesday and Thursday, crews from Kuharchik Construction took power washers to the lanterns and pillars, washing away the remnants of the bugs that piled up.

Cleanup cost: Columbia Borough asked the construction company to clean up the mess because they are still in the midst of the project and responsible for bridge maintenance at the moment, said Samuel Sulkosky, borough manager.

And instead of multiple cleanups, Sulkosky said they waited until the mayfly season was over.

"There's no use cleaning it up and coming back two weeks later to do it all over again," he said.

In future years, the borough will be responsible for the maintenance, including mayfly cleanup, Sulkosky said.

The construction company absorbed the cost of the work to clear the flies, said Ahmad Mahmoud, project manager for Kuharchik.


In the future, Mahmoud estimated it will cost the borough about $2,000 for labor and supplies.